Christian Wong

Christian Wong

Christian Wong is a 23 year old photographer, coffee aficionado, software engineer, amateur painter, paper airplane expert, entrepreneur, self proclaimed Lego master, and former co-founder of The Supreme Saint.

He currently works at Apple. He also operates a production company that creates original digital content. They specialize in aerial cinematography, architectural, concert, music video, and stabilized services.
He is a FAA Part 107 Licensed & Insured Drone Pilot.
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Christian is an avid photographer who enjoys capturing architectural,

In 2014, Christian co-founded The Supreme Saint; the first bot to automate the web checkout process for Supreme New York. Read more about it here. He sold the company in 2019 and occasionally provides consulting services for the sneaker & streetwear industry.

Selected clients include Rolling Loud, Equinox, Shop Alchemist, Kit & Ace, Moet & Hennessy, Lilac Company.

Selected publications include WIRED Magazine, Highsnobiety, Complex, HYPEBEAST, Elle Magazine, & INDEX Magazine.

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